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Social Security Trace (SST):

The Social Security Trace will return all names and addresses that have been associated with the social security number as reported to the major reporting agencies. This is important as individuals may have criminal records under aliases that they do not provide to you (example: Robert, Bob, and Bobby or women with both maiden and married names). The individual may also have criminal records at locations not given to you and not covered under the instant search database. You will be able to use this service in fraud prevention to verify the accuracy of the address information provided by an applicant.
Our new system keeps a record of your search results archived. The system allows you to search through all results you have ran in the past and reprint them as needed. This allows you to save time and money in the event that a result was not printed for your records and you need to view it again.

Instant Criminal Record Searches (iCrim & Four Point):

State Criminal History and Inmate Database from all states and counties that release their databases to us with photos where available (see coverage grid in the forms section from the main menu), Sex Offenders for all 50 States, Washington DC and Guam. Click Here for a complete list of States, Counties, and other jurisdictions covered by the iCrim Search.
NEW! The Instant Criminal Record Searches now include the OFAC / Terrorist Search for no additional charge!

OFAC / Terrorist Searches (OFAC): NOTE: Now included in iCrim!

This product is no longer available as an individual search as it is now included at no extra charge in the Instant Criminal Search. A complete listing of the databases searched can be seen at the bottom of the Criminal Search Coverage document.

State Criminal Searches (STATE):

Some states that do not release their full databases offer statewide individual criminal searches. These searches must be performed manually and vary in cost from state to state

County Criminal Searches (CNTY):

For states that do not release their data-base and do not offer statewide search we must search on a county by county basis. These searches are also manual with varying costs and turnaround times.

Federal Criminal Searches (FED):

Federal searches cover indictments and criminal history charges on the Federal level.

Due-Diligence Search (DDS): COMING SOON!

This product is our premiere screening search. First it runs a Social Security Trace on your subject and lists the names and addresses associated with the social security number. Then it runs an Instant Criminal Record Search (iCrim) on EACH NAME associated with the social security number. This now includes the OFAC / Terrorist Watch List Search. Finally, it compares where the subject has lived with the coverage of the instant searches and gives you a list of manual state and/or county searches that will need to be performed to show due-diligence in your search along with the cost of each manual search.

OIG Exclusions/Sanctions List (OIG):

OIG Search is a web-based information service that allows subscribers to look up the federal sanction history of both individuals and entities. HHS OIG reports on more than 50 types of healthcare professionals ranging from physicians and midwives to home health agencies and ambulatory services. Possible types of sanctions include Exclusions, Termination of License, Probation and Debarments.

Medicaid Sanctions Search with Batch Search Capabilities (MED): NEW!

Our Medicaid Sanctions Search combines the results of the Federal OIG Search and the SAM search as well as the Sanctions Lists from Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Texas into one result.

HUD Sanctions (HUD):

The HUD Sanctions search returns any sanctions/exclusions on the individual you search that have been entered by the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development.

Student Connect (SC):

Student Connect is a product we have available to Colleges of Education to run the iCrim product on students before they enter the public classroom for their field work. The school registers the student, who then gets an email or text message allowing them to pay for their background check using PayPal or credit card. Once payment is received the school has access to the background check. Student Connect is located at http://studentconnect.cc.

Volunteer Connect (VC): COMING SOON!

Similar to Student Connect, Volunteer Connect is a product we are developing for use by volunteer organizations that will enable them to perform background checks in a revenue neutral method.
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